I Could Offer You a Warm Embrace

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Well, I’ve actually been awake since 9 this morning so my post isn’t later than hoped because of sleeping in.  My post is later than hoped because my laptop was getting its keyboard replaced (and works much better now without all the crud in it and without the missing keys I’ve been trying to improvise with) and because I was hoping I’d get a last minute response from the author I both emailed and Facebook messaged a couple weeks or so ago but he has neither read nor responded to my message.  My hope was to make a video to read you all a little book of poetry today, but I don’t want to do it without the author’s permission even though if anything it would promote sales and I wouldn’t be taking credit for his work or making it an open video, just anyone who reads the blog and got the link. But. Whatevs, either he’s busy or whoever runs his page is busy and that’s okay.  So, I would offer you a warm embrace, but I don’t wanna risk copyright infringement 😉

Anyhow, I did have in the things you’ll need for today the book “I Love You” – A Gift of Love and Poetry for Children by Donald Verger, which I don’t know how many libraries would have, but it’s a beautiful little book. Donald Verger is an award winning photographer and the book definitely showcases that.  He’s also the Founder and President Emeritus of The Children’s Discovery Museum and The Science Discovery Museum, so I can totally understand him being busy.  This is a great little book, and I have absolutely no memory of how it was that I stumbled upon it, but I know I put it on my Amazon wishlist and my mom bought it for me, which was pretty awesome, particularly because I’ve expressed a few times how much trouble I have feeling loved, and a book from a parent to a child about children being loved is pretty impactful towards that.

So.  I was hoping to read it to you because I assumed it probably wasn’t widely available in libraries or local bookstores, mostly because if you look on Amazon it only shows the “Used & New” option so I assumed it was out of print, but actually the person selling the new copies is the author, so, maybe it’s more of a print on demand kind of thing.  Either way, sometimes we need people to read to us, it’s one of the recommended coping methods for anxiety actually, and I thought this was the perfect little book to start with. So, if you were able to get your hands on a copy I totally recommend either having someone read it to you or reading it to someone else, particularly if you’ve got kids or grandkids to share it with.  Or, if like me you’re reading it to yourself, that’s okay too, it’s a beautiful book and I think it’s calming all by itself.

If you haven’t gotten ahold of it yet I think you should. Because really it is a beautiful book.  And with Valentine’s day coming up it may just be the perfect present for a special kid in your life who likes to read, likes being read to, likes poetry, or loves pictures.

Today’s Tasks:

  • Give yourself a Body Mask
  • Clean your Living Room Floor
  • Do some Yoga. Any kind.
  • Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Track for achieving/maintaining a healthy weight.

I shall see you all on Facebook shortly for the Question of the Day!

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