What a Week

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For anyone who doesn’t follow our Facebook page but does read, I want to offer my sincere apologies for the lack of an entry yesterday without any explanation as to why.  Nothing wants to go quite right this week and I haven’t been able to get any part of my schedule on track.  The bigger problem is that the home internet through Comcast is out again.  I promised I would blog from the library if need be since it just was not working out when I tried from my phone’s internet.  The library gives me panic issues if I try to sit still in it cause omg people and omg germs.  So.  This is being written out in the parking lot, and I’m writing to say I’m going to take the rest of the week off to give Comcast a chance to fix their issue and to let me get everything back on track, cause right now it feels very helter skelter and all over the place.  So I will readjust the calendar accordingly after I’ve posted this, but apart from the big daily project, the daily tasks are all just mirroring the previous month, so, to carry you through until I’m back online:

Today/the 9th:
Skip Alcohol
Exfoliate Your Face & Neck
Clean Your Master Bedroom
Do Some Core Exercises
Make an Allergy Relief Drink

Friday the 10th:
Read a Book of you choice!
Get or Give Yourself a Manicure
Clean Your Kitchen Counters & Stove
Do a Guided Meditation and/or Listen to a Subliminal Audio for Motivation

Saturday the 11th:
Add Some Money To Your Savings
Make More Hair Detangler If You’re Out or Low
Clean Your Patio
Do Some Cardio (Preferably the Elliptical)
Have a Detox Drink

Sunday I’ll be back come hell or high water! I truly apologize and appreciate everyone’s patience. Once Comcast had resolved the issue they were having while I was building the site I assumed that would be the end of it and I wouldn’t have to deal with this again and I did not think through a back up plan, but bear with me and they’ll get this fixed and I’ll create a backup plan so I don’t have to worry about this again.  I promised this would be daily but didn’t anticipate I would have more to worry about than my own reliability. So I’m gonna use the next few days to regroup and come back stronger and I will see you all 100% for sure Sunday (Or for our international readers living a day ahead, Monday).  For the meantime still do the things mentioned above, don’t get out of the habit, I’ll be doing them too even if I can’t tell you about them and I don’t want anyone losing momentum. I’ll still be doing the question of the day on Facebook, because the Facebook app gets along with my page and is easily done from my phone.  The WordPress app and my page don’t get along at all because of self hosting and something I’m sure I’m doing wrong.

So I’ll see you all on Facebook shortly for today’s Question of the Day, and if you’re not a Facebooker then I shall see you on Sunday! Promise!

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