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Soooo Comcast sent an automated call to my boyfriend today letting him know our service was all fixed.  It is not.  Things are not working out the way they were supposed to when I bought the domain and started the project, so I hate that I gave like one whole post and am again taking a hiatus, but I’ve been fighting this cold of doom bug that everyone across the country seems to have and it’s made it impossible for me to pull off writing AND going anywhere to post and even my phone data has reached my monthly high speed limit (the month starts on the 5th and I even had an extra gig that rolled over from last month) and been throttled back to dial up speeds, so even if I get the wordpress app on my phone to start cooperating with my page I just don’t have any bandwidth to work with.  So.  I’m going to, for now, take out all of the “things you’ll need” from the calendar, post the daily stuff through the end of the month (though I hope to geezus that this won’t take the remainder of the month to resolve) and am going to resign myself to the fact that for right now, until I’ve had time to truly write ahead and get a backup system in place and kick this sinus infection crud and have my internet restored I just do not logistically have the resources to make this a daily extravaganza. I’m not giving up at all, things will get fixed and I will be all over it and will be way more reliable than my internet is (and I’ll be calling to yell at them again tomorrow.)  In the meantime if you feel up to writing an entry yourself and want to submit it, let me know and I will have someone with proper internet access that I trust with passwords post it for me.  You of course get full credit either in your name or whatever pseudonym you choose to use.  If you want to write an entry email us at first so we can approve that the topic (your choice) is appropriate to the spirit of the blog.

I don’t actually expect anyone to do my job for me though, so, know that for the meantime I’m still here for you, you can email or Facebook message any time you need that Reason to Live pep talk and I can respond in those mediums easier.  I will return as quickly as able!

For the meantime:

Lotion Your Hands
Wash ALL of your dirty dishes
Listen to a guided meditation and/or subliminal audio for motivation or stopping procrastination

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Get or give yourself a Facial
Clean Your Living Room Furniture
Do Some Yoga for Flexibility

Do some AM Yoga
Do a few loads of Laundry
Clean your Master Bathroom
Use the Rowing Machine
Take a bath in Epsom Salts
Use some Aromatherapy for Sleep
Do some PM Yoga

Use a Facial Moisturizer
Clean Your Spare Room
Do Some Crunches
Eat Some Foods to Combat Allergies

Ride a Bike
Get (or Give Yourself) a Foot Massage
Clean Your Laundry Room
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Progressive Relaxation

Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio to Quit Smoking, Quit Drinking, Quit Overeating, whatever your bad habits are
Clean Your Front Porch
Ride a Bicycle or Recumbent Bike
Eat a Detox Food

Go for a Run or Walk
Do Some Body Hair Removal
Clean Your Pantry (For Real Throw Out EVERYTHING Expired)
Do Some Upper Body Exercise with Free-Weights
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Mental Health

Do Some Fingernail Sculpting
Clean Your Kitchen Floor
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Motivation

Lotion Your Body
Clean Your Living Room Windows & Television Screen
Do Some Yoga for Relaxation

Dress Extra Nice
Clean Your Bathrooms
Walk or Run on the Treadmill
Give Yourself a Whitehead Treatment

Use a Good Facial Toner
Clean All Of Your Bedrooms
Do Some Mat Exercises for Core Muscles
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Allergies and Sinusitis

Help Someone
Do Some Toenail Shaping
Use the Wii Fit
Clean Your Stairs
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Mental Functioning

Trim Your Hair
Clean Your Yards
Use Some Lower Body Weight Machines
Do Some Cardio
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Detoxification

Do Some Leg Hair Removal
Clean Your Dining Areas
Use Some Upper-Body Weight Machines

Paint Your Fingernails
Clean Out Your Refrigerator (Everything Expired GOES)
Take a Wet Sauna
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Motivation

Steam Your Face
Clean Your Living Room Shelves & Tables
Do Some Yoga For Strength
Listen to a Guided Meditation and/or Subliminal Audio for Achieving or Maintaining a Healthy Weight

And I’d danged well better be back by then!

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