Preparing For Our Triumphant Return

Comcast has got our internet working intermittently.  So, whatever, we’ll work with it.  My massive sinus infection has as always turned into bronchitis but is on the upswing, however today’s trip to the neurologist involved more shots in my head that always take a few days to recover from. SO.  We are staging our come-back tour as of March 1st.  We’ve got the calendar updated with things that you’ll need for the first week (we’re not going to list the regular daily task stuff in the calendar any more, we trust you’ve acquired what you need or are aware of it by now, so it will just be whatever you need for that day’s bigger project.)

For the sake of convenience since we’re jumping back in:

March 1st:
Just a notebook or word processor or something to write with and on.

March 2nd:
A healthy snack with healthy dip of your choice.

March 3rd:
Nothin, it’ll just be a read and write kinda day.

March 4th:
1554 Black Lager (or Root Beer if you’re a non-drinker), Camembert and Fontina Cheeses and Barbecue or a Pot Roast (You’re in charge of cooking it, we’re not giving a recipe)

March 5th:
The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story by Diane Ackerman – Book or eBook, if you suspect it’ll take you longer than a day to read 384 pages feel free to acquire and start reading now.  It has been turned into a movie recently so I would expect most libraries probably have a copy or two.
If you’re among our younger readers be aware that while I consider the topics of historical war and Nazi invasion to be appropriate for all ages, I did promise to warn about potential adult topics and this book DOES include images of war and execution. As described in our guidelines if you want to participate in something but aren’t sure whether it’s appropriate for your age or whether it’s something your parents would allow we recommend discussing it with them in advance.  This is a book we don’t want you to miss out on but if you’re on the sensitive end of the human spectrum we recommend that a parent might want to read it while you do so that you can discuss things together if you are confused or upset by any of the content.

March 6th:
Just bring your opinions.

March 7th:
Nothin.  This’ll be another read and write kinda day.

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