Monkeys That Didn’t Like the Land

I had a very vivid dream years ago about finding UFO wreckage with a dolphin-humanoid pilot.  Which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything except that I’m weird, and so are dolphins. Did you know they have hands?  Sort of.  They actually have hand bones. Inside their flippers.  No joke.

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Dolphins are supposed to have evolved from hoofed, land mammals, similar to dogs, called Mesonyx.  The closest modern land dwelling animal to the dolphin is thought to be the pig, though they’re also close relatives to cows, antelopes, and giraffes, and according to some sources hippos.  It always boggles my mind that an animal with flippers that evolved from an animal with hooves somehow managed to acquire hand-bones.  Also, while commonly known to be the only animal whose intelligence is comparable to or even rivals mankind’s, dolphins have been in modern dolphin form for 10-15 million years, while humans have been around for about 100,000.  Does that say more about us or about dolphins?

Dr. David Busbee of Texas A&M University is researching dolphin genetics and has discovered that dolphins and humans are very similar chromosomally.  “Every chromosome in the dolphin has a comparative chromosome in the human.”  So if the dolphins made a choice to go back to the sea, either for food or for changes in environment or because they just damn well wanted to, and managed to breed themselves from a four legged furry land animal into a sleek no legged happy as a clam water mammal, and we are so similar in most regards… is there any possibility that humans will someday do the same?  Our climate is changing and as icecaps melt we’re going to end up with a lot more water in an already overcrowded world that’s only 30% land to begin with.  On the evolutionary scale we have been around a very short time and could potentially turn into anything.  But will we let ourselves?

Humans have this idea, wherever it came from, of being made in the image of their creator and therefore superior to all other beings… will we ever allow ourselves to evolve different features, or are we too set on being already perfect and preoccupied with looking normal that we will be what we are until such a time that we die out?

If we were given a choice to go back to the oceans would you want to?  Does our long held fascination with things like the lost city of Atlantis or mermaids point to some embedded knowledge that that will be our eventual destination? And if we make it back to the water will the dolphins have us?  If we’re both the height of intelligence that the earth has to offer, can we teach each other things and have great underwater civilizations, or do we really need to do more learning from the dolphins about how to have a peaceful, happy existence without worrying about all of the civilization nonsense?

Today I have no answers and won’t propose any.  I just wanted to share some thoughts to ponder about our place in the universe and in our own world, and how much it might someday change.

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