What I have found in my wanderings is that a lot of people are feeling disconnected, and as a result are feeling sad, lonely, and unfulfilled. Technology is a double edged sword and all of its conveniences and pseudo-interactions seem to have made us all a little more isolated and a lot less productive. My goal in blogging, beyond just being someone who loves to write, is to help remind people of the fulfilling and productive things they can do and experience every day that can help to relieve depressions and anxiety and maybe make us all feel a little more connected in the process. I will be throwing out lots of daily missions of things to do that I feel all have some value, and some of them have the goal of getting us all out of the house and maybe even socializing with people.

Two major things inspired this project for me. One is that a few years back I was extremely suicidal, and at my darkest point the only thing that kept me from doing it is I could not decide whether or not to leave a note. The decision was too big and I couldn’t make up my mind whether it was better to leave people wondering or better to leave people with guilt. Eventually I decided I was too exhausted and would decide about the note after I slept. Sleep is a wonderful, beautiful, healing thing. When I woke up I started writing, but instead of writing a suicide note I found myself writing a Bucket List. I just kept right on writing it and never stopped. Now that I have the world’s longest, most ridiculous Bucket List that couldn’t be completed in a thousand lifetimes, I have come to the conclusion that it was really more about giving myself things to do instead of dying and not so much about things to do before I die. The second major reason, and why I’m working my way through this list in a public format, is the vast number of people I’ve encountered who are in similar emotional states to where I was, and the phrase I hear consistently is “I don’t even want to get out of bed anymore, because I don’t know what else to do.” Rather than continue to make myself the individual ambassador to everyone who needs motivation to get out of bed, I decided to make my ideas available to the widest audience possible. Even if you’re not suffering from any kind of depression, sometimes we all need that occasional boost or idea to not keep living the same day everyday. I will do my best to always have a fun and/or worthwhile suggestion for what you can do that day to make it its own unique day, and worth getting out of bed for. Some are big, some are small, some are ridiculous, but what is life without some occasional ridiculous joy?

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