Community Expectations

While this may be a personal blog, we consider all readers and commenters to be members of our community.  We ask all community members to remember that the internet and everything on it can be accessed by people of all ages.  Bear that in mind and have respectful interactions and be mindful of content in your comments and interactions with other users.  We are not requesting our members adhere to any age limits or restrictions, because people are people and can all benefit from our cause, perhaps especially if they are still finding their place in the world.

That said, we anticipate that there will be occasional discussion topics involving sex and sexuality, along with other controversial cultural topics. It will never venture into pornography or erotica, but for our younger members we recommend discussing with parents or guardians if they are allowed to visit a site that discusses things like sex, sexuality, gender identification, religion, spirituality, and different cultures. Posts that do contain topics of an adult nature will be labeled as such and younger members are encouraged to skip those posts if you or your parents are uncomfortable with them. This will be done on a trust system. As a core value we recognize the importance of open communication and encourage younger members to invite their parents to follow the page as well so you can discuss anything you read on it together and have open discourse about how you feel.  Conversely, if you are a parent and want to invite your family to follow the page to help start conversations about the trickier subjects of the world we welcome that as well.

Not all topics will be heavy and controversial. We want you to have fun, we want you to enjoy interacting with each other, we want you to smile and laugh when you read or when you are doing suggested activities. We want to bring people together in the modern age of isolationism. We want to reach out to people who suffer from depression and anxiety and let them know there’s a world that embraces them. We want to celebrate our diversity and ability to live joyful, meaningful lives in peaceful harmony. Most of that is going to be done by seeing how much we all have in common as we share experiences, but part of it will have to be done by sharing views other than your own and clearing away misconceptions.

We ask our members to treat each other with respect. There will be no tolerance for hate speech or harassment of any kind, and we are likely to enforce stricter policies on that than other forums might. Anyone posting any version of “KYS” in a comment or reply will be immediately banned. By following or commenting on this page you agree to be respectful of everyone involved. If you encounter a problem with another member, or witness someone behaving inappropriately toward another member please message us directly and bring it to our attention.  We can be emailed at  We will respond as quickly as possible but cannot be available 24/7, so if you do find a member harassing, mistreating, or abusing another member we encourage you to not only message us, but also to ignore the harasser while building up positive comments towards the person being targeted.

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